Begins with Jake Blues, played by John Belushi, being escorted out of prison and picked up by his brother, Elwood

After being released from prison, Jake and Elwood visit Saint Helen of the Blessed Shroud Orphanage, where they were raised.

They see the head nun at the orphanage, who they call “Penguin.”

“Penguin” tells Jake and Elwood that the orphanage needs $5,000 to pay its property taxes or else it will be shut down.

After this encounter, Jake and Elwood go to a Baptist church where Jake “sees the light” and realizes that in order to raise the money, they must reunite the Blues Brothers band.

Later that night, Jake and Elwood are pulled over by two state troopers, which leads to an elaborate car chase through a shopping mall.

Following this scene, a mystery woman, played by Carrie Fisher, makes two attempts to kill Jake and Elwood.

The next day, Jake and Elwood find some of their former bandmates performing in a new band called “Murph and the Magictones” at a Holiday Inn lounge and convince them to rejoin the Blues Brothers Band.

The brothers next visit the fancy Chez Paul restaurant to find another one of their bandmates, Mr. Fabulous, who reluctantly agrees to rejoin.

Jake and Elwood dine together at the fancy Chez Paul restaurant during this humorous scene

The final members of the band to rejoin are Matt ‘Guitar’ Murphy and ‘Blue Lou’ Mariani.

At their first performance, The Blues Brothers band only makes $200 but spends $300 on beer, which they don’t pay, causing them to make enemies with the bar owner.

The Blues Brothers make a variety of enemies in the movie, including the bar owners, neo-Nazis, and the police.

The Blues Brothers drive around the whole city promoting their concert at the Palace Hotel Ballroom, where they end up making $10,000, more than enough to save the church.

After the concert, an epic car chase ensues where all of the enemies the Blues Brothers make throughout the movie drive after them as they race to Chicago to return the money for the church.

As soon as Jake and Elwood hand in the $5,000 for the church, they are arrested by hundreds of police, SWAT, and military members.

The final scene in the film is the Blues Brothers band performing a concert in prison, with the final song being “Jailhouse Rock.”